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The Real Dermal Filler Story

The Beginning
The first dermal filler, and only dermal filler that worked well back in the 1980's, was collagen. This makes sense of course, even to non-scientists since it is about 90% of the structural proteins in the dermis, and it changes with time so that aging leads to its loss of function. But animals were the only source, and pigs and cows were used- and are still used in dermal fillers today on the market. No thanks, because it's not natural and the risks of immune rejection or complications were too high.

The Middle
Then a team at Advanced Tissue Sciences figured out how to make enough human collagen from bioengineered skin, to replace the cow collagen in the Market Dominant Zyplast, and with pure laboratory grown human collagen, and the FDA approved this newer and safer product in 2004.

But the owner of this product and the cow collagen, determined that a filler which was INFERIOR to collagens in every way, Hyaluronic Acid from GMO-bacteria, could be made to work just about as well as collagen fillers if it was chemically-treated to cross-link the molecules in a manner nature NEVER meant to happen, and using synthetic chemistry. These products were approved around 2007-2010, since they were cheaper and easier to manufacture, while they were nearly as biocompatible as collagens. So collagen fillers Zyplast and Cosmoplast were discontinued and wound down. Both the key companies conducted clinical studies to prove these new fillers and collagen stimulators that just induce some long-term new collagen, that takes months to accumulate in what is essentially a SCARRING or FOREIGN BODY type reaction to the inflammation of the acid polymers. No doubt- they both showed their new products were better- note the intended sarcasm as we don't buy it, and we invented those collagen fillers, so game-on Big Players. Trylle is going to take fillers to a new level, and that's why we say that we are the Beginning of the End for non-human fillers.

The Beginning of the End
Trylle's scientists are succeeding where large players failed at innovating HUMAN COLLAGEN fillers using advanced cellular biotechnology that was always there, and we are developing a biobetter-version of those discontinued collagen fillers, and many others based on our platform for manufacturing human ECM proteins and collagens.

Our growing portfolio of IP and technologies includes new fillers and therapeutic biomaterials that are devices with biological activity, that don't just "fill-in" and can stimulate
regeneration immediately, therefore not requiring years of multiple painful injections like current collagen-stimulators.

We also have an active R&D effort to improve Neurotoxins like Botox for safer muscle relaxers that are often used in combination with fillers.  Our new ECM and collagen fillers will make toxins safer and more effective for patients until we can invent a better product. We are working now on building IP in this valuable sector to do just that.


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