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Our Founder was a scientist for 30 years working in biotechnology on Tissue-engineered skin, Stem Cells and Immune Cell Therapy research, and he was integral to the development of the first products that were cosmetics, but with the science of biotechnology providing REAL RESULTS.


Trylle's mission is to apply these therapeutic biotechnologies, focused on Growth Factors and Cytokines from skin cells, to the field of anti-aging. Trylle means "Magic" in Old Norse, and 1000 years ago Magic was used to explain things people could not understand. Fighting aging of the skin is not magic, and just as Science has replaced Magic, Trylle is replacing the unknowns and snake-oil of cosmeceutical products with science.

Our proprietary and patent-pending technology includes Immunomodulatory Actives that work with our stromal Growth Factors and Cytokines on skin cells to enhance Repair and Rejuvenation, and we are pioneers in this next wave of technology for Aesthetics and Anti-Aging.

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