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Transform Your Skin with Cutting-Edge Products From Cells

Trylle SkinHealth, Inc. is a biotech company with a portfolio of proprietary medical aesthetic products based on the science of fibroblast cells, and using our advanced manufacturing platform to produce newer and more potent cosmeceuticals for facial rejuvenation.

We have developed a biobetter platform that enables scalable production of superior and safer versions of proven biologic products for the aesthetic and dermatology market. Our cellular technology is sustainable and environmentally friendly, as we use only natural products from our bioreactor tanks.


TRYL01 is the first cellular Immunoceutical, which is a topical cosmeceutical with local immunomodulatory properties that improves the appearance of aging skin. The patent-pending technologies modulate the fibroblasts in our bioreactors to make new immunomodulatory molecules that mobilize regeneration and repair in the epidermis. The technology advances the application of topical human-derived growth factors, with immunoceutical ingredients that work with our skin’s immune system reducing inflammaging and improving fine lines and wrinkles.


The same process that makes the immunoceutical product also provides other biologic products with medical aesthetic applications, including our second product, TRYL02, a biobetter collagen filler that outperforms market-leading HA fillers for biocompatibility, safety, and reduced immune reactions. Recognizing that market-leading toxins have drawbacks including off-target side effects, our pipeline includes TRYL03, a new collagen device for delivering any toxin, keeping the toxin where it is needed, and extending the duration through controlled delivery.

Our Biobetter technology platform produces commercial-scale quantities of Human Collagen and other valuable Extracellular Matrix proteins as a by-product of the topical serum manufacturing process, we have plans for a whole new collagen-based dermal filler, that will be a Biobetter, highly advanced version of the injectable Human Collagen fillers that will be the only natural collagen filler that is all human and does NOT require a skin test.


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We are innovative pioneers in the Medical Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine marketplace, and bring over 100 years combined industry experience, with over 60 issued patents assigned to top-tier aesthetic companies.


Our Founders were key scientists behind SkinMedica's TNS actives, Histogen’s Regenica (TNS-Advanced+), and Allergan's Zyplast (bovine) and Cosmoplast (human) collagen fillers, and we have a robust pipeline of new products and patents to make biobetter versions of proven medical aesthetic products.

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Our patents and products are based on a deep understanding of stromal cells that support stem cells and regeneration. We are experts in the biology of these "fibroblasts", that include Mesenchymal Stromal Cells or foreskin fibroblasts used to manufacture TNS and TNS-A+.

All fibroblasts secrete GFs, cytokines and ECM in culture, while Myeloid and Epidermal cells control inflammation and regeneration of the skin, and both cells can be tapped to enhance skin appearance topically. That's what we do at Trylle.

By removing the animal serum in TNS and non-human proteins in TNS-A+, we increased potency of proven products, while our new technology for activating the fibroblasts to make immune cytokines and other ECM molecules, is the first step in harnassing the power of the immune system for aesthetics. Trylle has also discovered that the lack of foreign protein interference with the immune cells in skin, also allowed us to further improve skin regeneration activity by addition of purified molecules that modulate the immune response locally and enhance the positive effects of the Growth Factors and Cytokines the cells make naturally. This is currently the subject of multiple pending US patents assigned to Trylle.


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