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We have developed an advanced manufacturing platform to produce natural Human Collagens at commercial scales for markets where animal and cadaver collagen-based devices have established feasibility and proven commercial success.

This patent-pending technology produces 2 products from 1 process that makes engineered 3D human tissue organoids in scalable tanks to provide the Extracellular matrix (ECM) starting material. TRYL01 is the soluble liquid fraction byproduct, and TRYL02 is the insoluble ECM fraction that provides our starting material for medical device products.

























Juvetryl™ is a patent-pending Cell-free Biologic made from TRYL01 that works as a topical anti-aging cosmetic active to enhance the ECM in skin.

Our high potency, patent-pending active is derived from the “Secretome” of universal fibroblast cells and it can make you look younger. We are seeking a licensing partner for cosmetics. Juvetryl contains regenerative Growth Factors, so we also seek a development partner for spinal indications using TRYL02 to deliver Juvetryl to discs.

Our core technology manufactures 3D human ECM  as a raw material for all our Human Collagen products.

From this material we purify collagens and other valuable human ECM proteins. Trylle's manufacturing platform is the only commercially-viable way to make all natural human collagens. Recombinant production methods have failed and plant-production is unproven and still in R&D. We are now developing the first of a family of diverse products for Aesthetics and Regen Med applications using our proprietary processes for formulating natural human fibroblast collagen with various synthetic polymers we can make new devices with the best of BOTH polymers and unmatched biocompatibility and regenertaive capacity.

From TRYL02 ECM we can manufacture multiple final products.

Our GTM Human Collagen Bio-ink for organ printing does not require FDA approval. Since bioprinting organs requires scaffolds that have a range of biomaterial properties for different cell and tissue types, we have taken the natural collagen fibers from fibroblast cells in culture, and combined them with different synthetic polymers that are all already FDA-approved.


We can make tunable devices for different indications, by varying the combinations of human collagen and other ECM proteins from TRYL02 which we combine with synthetic biodegradable polymers. For some applications we need less tensile strength and elasticity for example with a relatively short duration implant, such as a hydrogel spacer which can provide tissue-filling and protection from radiation damage when treating prostate cancer. But this implant material would not have the longer persistance and tensile strength and elasticity needed for our new dermal filler. Trylle has patent-pending technology and is developing processes for making many different device products from this new and versatile biomaterial combination of natural collagen and synthetic biodegradable polymers. 


GMP manufacture will support a 510(k) route for a gel spacer in Urology, and later an IDE as a new dermal filler combining natural collagens with synthetic polymers. In Spinal biologics indications, we plan to address LBP from early Disc disease with an injectable ECM  implant combined with Juvetryl’s Secretome Growth Factors.

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